What Happens If You Become A Victim of SEO Attack?

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The Internet is a swarming and rowdy place, so that when you enter your query to search anything, you will get a long list of search results. These results are displayed because they are well matched with your requirement. But this is also true that less of them got clicked by the searcher. Large number of web users mostly will click on the initial couple results that are listed and then alter their search if they don’t discover what they require.

This may be the place search engine optimization (SEO) comes to rescue. SEO is a collection of strategies as well as techniques to optimize a website to reach at the high position of the search result listing for particular keywords or terms.

Yet obviously, where one thing works to get good ranking on SERPs, there are to who will find methods to utilize it to do the reverse of it.

When you get hit toward these sorts of deceptive “SEO attacks,” it can be difficult to bounce back – in any case doubtlessly not unthinkable. So, let’s start with the fundamentals so we get it precisely what these methodologies are and what you can do about them.

How SEO Actually Works?

As discussed earlier, it is a good collection of strategies that serve to both Google’s algorithm as well as the user experience. Those positioning variables that assume under Google algorithm have several weights and significance, and the algorithm always changes.

In the event you provide for essential data ahead your website to visitors, design an excellent user experience and also apply every last one of known algorithm factors, your website need a great opportunity to move up on the search results list for your company’s targeted keywords. This type of SEO is sometimes called white hat SEO, but you can just think of it as the proven and ethical methods.

Therefore, relying upon the industry, the ranking competition among the companies can be savage.

To obtain the top position in the competition, many companies have tried dirty SEO practices known as black hat SEO, and got penalized by Google when caught. But to make you not to do this, simply hire SEO Services in Singapore and ensure the success of your business.

What is Negative SEO?

An Google need ideal tools to figure out the webmasters who utilization unscrupulous SEO hones and need executed harsher disciplines for wrongdoers (lower rankings or banning of websites, etc.). Few companies dire for enhancements in search rankings have discovered the approaches to hack into the websites of competitors and apply some dreadful methodologies ahead the individuals sites.

The main objective of negative SEO is to drop the rankings of competitor websites. This, they believe, will hence lift their rankings once the rivalry will be out of the best approach.

How you recognize website do has been attacked?

Huge amounts of SEO attacks begin in the manifestation of an outright website hack, fake reviews and spammy links. There would clear indications that your website has been attacked. Proper maintenance of the website could observe organizing and coding owning with a website hack. Looking under those analytics of the website and noticing sharp increments or abatements to website traffic as well as bounce rate are red flags that something may be setting off looking into.

What To Do If Your Website is the target of Negative SEO?

When you find your website has been attacked with negative SEO, it is important that you take instant action to determine these issues and alert Google of the attack. When you’re up-front with Google about it, and it is observed that you’re tending to the issue, Google won’t likely penalize your site for the clear untrustworthy SEO practices.

Here are few steps you can take to both relieve a negative SEO attack and keep one safe from happening in any case:

  1. Constant Check on Your Links

Performing regular audits on your site’s links is a decent approach to identify suspicious, potential negative SEO activity. Consistently observing of your link profile can likewise enable you to get a conceivable attack early and keep it safe from spiraling crazy.

  1. Speed of Website while Loading

The speed of your site is a conspicuous ranking factor for search results. In case you don’t contact your web hosting provider or webmaster quickly, you’ll get a great deal of baffled website visitors and brought down search result rankings.

  1. Avoid Copied Content

Copied content can incredibly influence the rankings of your site. Your content will be labeled by Google as the duplicated, and your site will be the one that will be penalized with decreased search result rankings.

  1. Monitor Google My Business

A favorite strategy of negative SEO attackers includes flooding an organization’s online business listing with fake, negative reviews.  With Google My Business, it is anything but difficult to report these vindictive, fake, negative reviews. You should simply discover your business listing, go to review summary, click flag fake reviews and after that fill out the report form.

  1. Check Your Site’s CTR

Click through rate is decent indicators of either you are attracting the right or wrong website visitors and if your site content is the thing that your site guests are searching for. In case you’re drawing in the wrong crowd or your website page content isn’t fascinating, important or valuable to the audience, your CTR will be low.

  1. Check Your Search Engine Ranking

A sharp decline in your sites search rankings can be a pointer of wrong SERP rankings caused by a malevolent attack that can be the aftereffect of a total de-ordering of your site.


Not all negative SEO attacks are promptly perceptible. It is critical you routinely monitor the content and performance of your site to prevent conceivable negative SEO attacks or to stem an attack to shield it from heightening.

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