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Getting positive response for any business is the prime objective. Behind every sales email is it prospecting email, follow-up email or break up concern remain the same for any one. A written sale is different from the verbal pitch-in where you have the benefits of your tonality, facial expression and moderate appearance. Whereas when talking of sales mailers who have only words which needs to be professionally strong yet personal that increase the sale.

To any mails there are three parts:

The Opening: The important part of mail. It includes subject line of mail and first introductory words that set tonality of mailer. Words used must have the power of caters hence the user or reader need to open the email.

The Value Preposition: The body part explaining the unique selling proposition of your products/services. Representing your identity in sector you are operating which is giving your brand the worth and describes why consumer is interested in your product. If the value prepositions are clear then email gets full read.

The Closing: This is where the seller needs to tell audience what to do next. It includes Call-to-action button along with redirecting links to your website or landing page. Keep it simple, so that good response is received.

How actually email is done:

Research- Research: Before sending a sales email ensures that you have full knowledge of the company. Get updated with latest news, reports and sales figure. Do a good research and dig well up with pertinent details. ORM SEO Services in Singapore recommend and follow up full SWAT analysis and basic information such as their demography, age and behavior.

Keep it Personal: Get you personalize sales email and ensure that its communication isn’t same as on website or landing page. Instead, focus on real needs of your customer. Personalization of sales email has much better chance of connecting with your desired audience.

Ask One Question: DO not make mistake which every other online business makes by writing long sales pitches which are less effective. Stop sharing small detail about your product or service. Keep it simple, yet brief and presentable. Key is keeping it short and strategic. A Good sales email should be in just one fold of your computer screen. Remember to ask question that cater the best to your audience needs. Make it mobile friendly.

Be Specific: Your email communication should be specific enough to get prospect on phone or in person meeting. Email should generate interest and deliver your value preposition. Communication should be summering your selling proposition, users experience and achievements.

Add links: Ensure your reader knows what to do next after reading your sales communication. Ask few questions about why you are sending your email. Reply to every formulated question step by step in your sales mailer. Add important links that redirects your user from email to respective landing page or website through specifically highlighted “Call-to-action” button. A strong call to action as it strengths the prospect of complete purchase cycle. Don’t forget to highlight CTA button.

Key Takeaways: SEO Company in Singapore focuses on the following points:

  1. Your initial step: Getting a response.
  2. Start email with describing about them not with yourself.
  3. Always mention the reason and value preposition.
  4. End with mail question about prospect goal.

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