Importance of data-fueled in regard to ad Copy Matters

Optimize your search ads and understand the feature of data make decision with regard to advertise copy. As advertiser you cannot afford to ignore facts while making decision following are the points that will reveal you why it is important to pay attention to facts. One should not ignore this fact and majorly consider the points mention below:

  1. More of competition is in Online advertising

As AdWords and other PPC platform are auction in marketplaces or “pay to play” channels more players in market means more money needed to play. Every year Internet Advertising Bureau and PwC releases their “Internet Advertising Revenue Full Report” this compiles of revenue data from all companies that sell online advertising and SEO Company in Singapore keeps record as well.

The steady growing result as revealed in the report for the year 2005-2015 shows that more and more companies are entering in the online advertising arena- and therefore more investment is made in it. Greater completion means higher cost for advertisers. Have to pay more play makes the consequences of ignoring potential money-saving opportunities in data greater.

  1. Usable data amount is increasing

Early what business owner was only able to access was the number of people saw your ad, how often they are getting clicked and how much it cost you. Whereas in today trend full-funnel data on customer entire buying journey from first interaction to purchase can be listed out. Now it is much more than knowing which ad the user saw and whether or not they bought after clicking. Therefore some questions now have answers such as:

  1. What device was used?
  2. What is their location?
  3. What terms were used to trigger your ads?
  4. From which browser they were accessing the ad?
  5. What is their income level, age and gender?

And recently Google opened up tablet bid adjustments, Demographic data for Search campaigns and whole new standard format for text ads. The number of variable to look over and to test is rising. Ignoring the opportunity could be difference between failing and flourishing AdWords account.

  1. Good vs Bad ad copy doesn’t matter

At SEO agency in Singapore the duty is well understood on to understand well the target audience for client business. Messages resonate with them is what problem is actually encounter that services can solve.

Without considering the actual result against what is believed to be best message or most valuable solution to problem ORM SEO Singapore marketing knowledge base is built on assumptions. It is just important to update assumptions about target audience and how to reach them. Mentioning price in ad versus leaving it out the market knowledge tells more will buy the product.

  1. Different behavior is observed for different people

Different people will response in different manner to the offered product or services offered differently. The important feature to marketing theory which states to find the audience that is most likely to benefit from product or service then make it as simple as possible to find you and make purchase from you.

The idea always remains how you want to create and lead your campaigns as well as how you optimize your campaigns.

Exercises like figuring out mobile visitors are equal to desktop visitors is crucial to squeezing every penny out of monthly advertising budget. Don’t you think it is more important to learn marketing efforts such as women are four time more likely to buy product than man?

Hire the best company for your ad campaign that will help you create, run and analyze test in AdWords. Enjoy.

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