How to identify whether it is the adaptive or responsive site?

There is a common confusion that both clients and the web folks have regarding the difference between adaptive and responsive site. Deciding the mobile configuration of a site is really tricky if you don’t understand the difference between adaptive and responsive site.

Most of the professional experts of Singapore SEO Company know that adaptive design or dynamic serving, responsive design, and separate mobile URLs are extremely vital for serving mobile site content.

Determining the separate mobile URLs is easy as you just need to see the address bar of your browser but identifying adaptive and responsive mobile configurations of websites are somehow more difficult.

To understand how to tell the site is adaptive or responsive, it is better option to first understand the difference between them and know the important facts.

What is an adaptive website?

The adaptive site is in a response to the device. These sites adapt to the browser’s width at a particular point. As the page serves something different based on the device or browser, these websites snap into the place. The design of these sites uses static layouts on the basis of breakpoints which does not give any reaction after initial loading. It works to identify the size of a screen and load the suitable layout.

What is a responsive website?

Responsive is in anticipation of a device that means it responds to the browser size at any point. The website adjusts its layout to better optimize to the screen regardless of the width of a browser. As the layout fluidly changes despite the type of device, responsive design is usually smooth. These websites use CSS media queries to adjust the styles on the basis of the device like width, display type, height, and other factors.

Examine following things to identify whether a site is adaptive or responsive

  1. How’s the shape after resizing the browser from the desktop computer?

Responsive websites are intended to make changes in the layout on the basis of a size of the browser window (irrespective of the system). On the other hand, adaptive sites help to determine when a user is on a mobile device and provides different HTML accordingly. Just visit the site on desktop and notice the changes after you resize the browser window.

If the layout gets changed on the basis of browser window size on a desktop then it is responsive and it is adaptive if the content gets hidden rather than moved or resized.

  1. Check for a word “Responsive” or “@Media” in the HTML home page source code

This is the simplest way to tell if it is responsive or adaptive configuration. Just open the home page source code and see if it is responsive or @media word mentioned within the code. If this term can be seen then it is responsive otherwise it is an adaptive site.

For this, you can do the following things: –

  1. On a desktop, simply press Ctrl+U to see the source code. Mobile users can go to the address bar and write view-source: before domain.
  2. Find the term Responsive on the page. It is used to get responsive templates and stylesheets. Hit on the Responsive Stylesheet (ensuring that it must be a clickable link).
  3. Now you will reach the CSS page.
  4. Find the word @media on CSS page if it is present then your site is responsive.

The experts of Top SEO Company Singapore usually adopt this technique to find the nature of a website.

  1. Notice the content and layout on a mobile device or when using a mobile user-agent

Adaptive websites create diverse HTML for a page on the basis of the device of a user, in spite of the screen size. Use a browser extension that provides a view of the website although you are accessing it on a mobile device to check for an adaptive mobile page through the desktop browser.

Follow the below-given steps to check adaptive pages with user-agent switcher extension on Chrome: –

Step1: First open Chrome on the desktop.

Step2: Download a user-agent switcher extension and then install it.

Step3: Hit the icon for a user-agent switcher extension in the upper right-hand place and then change the user-agent to mobile user-agent using the drop-down menu option.

Step4: See the changes in navigation and reduction in the size of the header image. After resizing the browser window, you will notice that it does not transform in a flowing manner even it shows the large white area around the picture. It shows that it is an adaptive website where the layout gets changed after switching the user-agent.

Note: Delete the browser history after changing the user agent because there are many websites that use cookies to consider which device is used.

Is it possible that a website is both adaptive and responsive at the same time?

Yes, it can be possible. This is basically known as REsponsive with Server Side elements or RESS. In such type of situation, layout is a fluid. Server side elements are used to provide elegant banners for app downloads. The adaptive site can also be responsive. You can use responsive design for some pages while adaptive for other pages.

Responsive website design is considered as the recommended technique. Majority of the websites are today using this design and its adoption rate is growing speedily.

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Improve Your Way of Blogging with These Five Techniques

Content Marketing

No doubt, blogging is a tried and tested method for enhancing the site traffic as well as conversion rates. A blog obtains no much utility, but it is the significant tool you can utilize to build up your community and keep up a stable flow of website traffic.

But how can you create your blog value time it requires to make and sustain? Blogging can be difficult, especially when you know how valuable a tool it can be. The expert of the SEO Company Singapore has suggested five excellent techniques you can use to improve your blogging today.


  1. Use Survey Tools

Survey tools can be extremely helpful to learn more about your audience; they can also rapidly become a brawl to your site visitors. Always provide your readers a choice in reference to surveys.

  1. Use More Visual Content

Utilize visual content like images to convey a story to your reader. This makes them occupied and interested in what you want to say. Keep in mind to space pictures out and introduce them in the starting.

  1. Make a Uniform Editorial Approach

By making a consistent editorial approach, you permit visitors to return to your site to read more effective information. Take the time to produce consistency and firmness in the blog content.

  1. Create Clear Calls to Action

The calls to action on blogs may include asking the visitor to subscribe to a newsletter or read the complete blog post or a wide spectrum of other activities. If you don’t make such calls to action transparent, site visitors will visit the page and not understand what they can do on the site or why they should do it.

  1. Advance Social and Sharing Options

Make use of share button that should be clearly visible on every post on your blog. If someone observes the content engaging & effective, they’ll then become capable of sharing it with all of their pals.


Next, make a genuine plan for distributing blog posts on social media. Each social media platform has a distinct audience, so you’ll require make use of separate approach for every site.


Obey the tips that are listed above to make an effective and focused blog, which gives uncommon content for anyone that stops by. Make an effort to think about your audience and make a plan that straightly targets them.

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What Happens If You Become A Victim of SEO Attack?

ORM SEO Singapore

The Internet is a swarming and rowdy place, so that when you enter your query to search anything, you will get a long list of search results. These results are displayed because they are well matched with your requirement. But this is also true that less of them got clicked by the searcher. Large number of web users mostly will click on the initial couple results that are listed and then alter their search if they don’t discover what they require.

This may be the place search engine optimization (SEO) comes to rescue. SEO is a collection of strategies as well as techniques to optimize a website to reach at the high position of the search result listing for particular keywords or terms.

Yet obviously, where one thing works to get good ranking on SERPs, there are to who will find methods to utilize it to do the reverse of it.

When you get hit toward these sorts of deceptive “SEO attacks,” it can be difficult to bounce back – in any case doubtlessly not unthinkable. So, let’s start with the fundamentals so we get it precisely what these methodologies are and what you can do about them.

How SEO Actually Works?

As discussed earlier, it is a good collection of strategies that serve to both Google’s algorithm as well as the user experience. Those positioning variables that assume under Google algorithm have several weights and significance, and the algorithm always changes.

In the event you provide for essential data ahead your website to visitors, design an excellent user experience and also apply every last one of known algorithm factors, your website need a great opportunity to move up on the search results list for your company’s targeted keywords. This type of SEO is sometimes called white hat SEO, but you can just think of it as the proven and ethical methods.

Therefore, relying upon the industry, the ranking competition among the companies can be savage.

To obtain the top position in the competition, many companies have tried dirty SEO practices known as black hat SEO, and got penalized by Google when caught. But to make you not to do this, simply hire SEO Services in Singapore and ensure the success of your business.

What is Negative SEO?

An Google need ideal tools to figure out the webmasters who utilization unscrupulous SEO hones and need executed harsher disciplines for wrongdoers (lower rankings or banning of websites, etc.). Few companies dire for enhancements in search rankings have discovered the approaches to hack into the websites of competitors and apply some dreadful methodologies ahead the individuals sites.

The main objective of negative SEO is to drop the rankings of competitor websites. This, they believe, will hence lift their rankings once the rivalry will be out of the best approach.

How you recognize website do has been attacked?

Huge amounts of SEO attacks begin in the manifestation of an outright website hack, fake reviews and spammy links. There would clear indications that your website has been attacked. Proper maintenance of the website could observe organizing and coding owning with a website hack. Looking under those analytics of the website and noticing sharp increments or abatements to website traffic as well as bounce rate are red flags that something may be setting off looking into.

What To Do If Your Website is the target of Negative SEO?

When you find your website has been attacked with negative SEO, it is important that you take instant action to determine these issues and alert Google of the attack. When you’re up-front with Google about it, and it is observed that you’re tending to the issue, Google won’t likely penalize your site for the clear untrustworthy SEO practices.

Here are few steps you can take to both relieve a negative SEO attack and keep one safe from happening in any case:

  1. Constant Check on Your Links

Performing regular audits on your site’s links is a decent approach to identify suspicious, potential negative SEO activity. Consistently observing of your link profile can likewise enable you to get a conceivable attack early and keep it safe from spiraling crazy.

  1. Speed of Website while Loading

The speed of your site is a conspicuous ranking factor for search results. In case you don’t contact your web hosting provider or webmaster quickly, you’ll get a great deal of baffled website visitors and brought down search result rankings.

  1. Avoid Copied Content

Copied content can incredibly influence the rankings of your site. Your content will be labeled by Google as the duplicated, and your site will be the one that will be penalized with decreased search result rankings.

  1. Monitor Google My Business

A favorite strategy of negative SEO attackers includes flooding an organization’s online business listing with fake, negative reviews.  With Google My Business, it is anything but difficult to report these vindictive, fake, negative reviews. You should simply discover your business listing, go to review summary, click flag fake reviews and after that fill out the report form.

  1. Check Your Site’s CTR

Click through rate is decent indicators of either you are attracting the right or wrong website visitors and if your site content is the thing that your site guests are searching for. In case you’re drawing in the wrong crowd or your website page content isn’t fascinating, important or valuable to the audience, your CTR will be low.

  1. Check Your Search Engine Ranking

A sharp decline in your sites search rankings can be a pointer of wrong SERP rankings caused by a malevolent attack that can be the aftereffect of a total de-ordering of your site.


Not all negative SEO attacks are promptly perceptible. It is critical you routinely monitor the content and performance of your site to prevent conceivable negative SEO attacks or to stem an attack to shield it from heightening.

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Webpage Designer Software-Speed up Your Success

Web design is an essential part of internet sites. They dress up web sites to become attractive, appealing and most importantly to contain everything that they need to be visible to the internet community. It is different from one another. It is most likely to depend on the niche tackled by the website or the category it is operating. Web designs are done by technical experts with applicable background and adequate knowledge in the field.

Designing website has never been easier. You need to proper knowledge about web design software to make a great-looking site. If you want to make your website outstanding then you need a best Web Design Company in Singapore. Highly-experienced and trustworthy designers help you to gain more traffic on your website by designing unmatched quality web page.

Some important Web Design Software

There are a variety of web design software’s available to help you build websites for your business on both mobile devices and desktop.

  1. Wix

Wix’s web design software comes with a huge collection of hosting options and design tools. It is not only simple to use, but is also most crucial thing is that their designs are also very advanced with the latest design trends.

  1. Weebly

Weebly offers the great hosting, blogging and website design software services. With approachable and easy-to-learn website development tools, even the most inexperienced users can create an attractive and valuable website.

  1. Squarespace

It is a resourceful service that goes beyond simple blogging to create attractive websites that look good on both desktops and mobile devices. It has latest tools to get your site noticed by search engines, plus its own analytical program help you to track your website’s growth and popularity.

  1. Strikingly

Strikingly is excellent web design software and it favors a single-page, scroll-down design that’s become popular for some business sites. Though, you can create attractive multiple-page websites using this platform as well. The marketing tools are ample and the unlimited storage means that even if you have fewer pages then you can still have excellent information, including video, without concern for space.

  1. DudaOne

This software offers an easy-to-use platform with comprehensive features that make it useful for small businesses and E-Commerce companies. The most striking aspect of this software is its ease of use. Before you begin creating a website, you can take a guided tour of the website controls.

  1. Aabaco from Yahoo

Aabaco is more difficult to use and it offers you a domain name, business email and design tools to create a web site easily at a reasonable price.

  1. Jimdo

It is most important analytical tools put this application among the top website design software. It lacks several advanced features, but it’s very easy to create a simple website and shopping cart in an efficient manner.

  1. SpaceCraft

One of the perfect ways to enhance your online presence without spending too much is to use web design software like SpaceCraft. It offers attractive templates for you to use. These templates make for easy website design because it’s a bit like plug-and-play design.


  1. Yola

Yola software is designed for beginners and offers basic functionality. This web-based software delivers a broad feature set and exceptional graphic-imaging tools that allow to web designer to create a wonderful websites. In addition to this, one other limitation with this software is that multiple people cannot access the site to edit it. In its place, you require to share your account information if you want someone else to have access to editing the site.

  1. GoDaddy

GoDaddy offers an easy-to-use website design software system for building a website suitable for business use and personal. It is the basic tools you’ll need for designing and promoting your website.

Learning about best web design software is important if you want to make attractive and successful website. These web designs software help you to attract more visitors and encourage them to return to your site time and time again.

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13 Conversion Rate Optimization Tips to Gain Conversion Percentage

orm seo singapore

Since the establishment of Giant search engine “Google”, huge no. of people and tech gurus of companies providing SEO Services in Singapore are discussing about conversion. The term Conversion Rate Optimization has taken the storm over the internet. There are a considerable measure of CRO specialists discussing this, in any case, it’s extremely appalling to see that majority of them are misdirecting and in fact, have nothing to do with the conversion boost.

There are some of the best possible ways to increase the conversion rates of the website. Try these effective tips and see the positive change in results.


  1. Analyze the call-to-action according to your client conduct to perceive what works best.
  2. In order to expand the credibility of your site, do an experiment by including credibility indicators to your website like- reviews, testimonial, stats etc.
  3. Note down the main parts of your value propositions, and observe whether they are immediately obvious on your landing page.
  4. The Value proposition is highly crucial as you don’t sell feature, you sell solutions to problems.
  5. Ensure that the headline of your landing page should be similar to the keywords mentioned in your PPC ads.
  6. Ensure that your home page gives guests a self-division to boost the funnel relevance.
  7. Make your landing page Upload bigger item pictures on your product page rather than a category page.
  8. Remove pointless links from your pages.
  9. Upload bigger product pictures on your category pages to enhance the clarity of products.
  10. Don’t give your clients a lot of item alternatives, it can befuddle them. Give them just 1 or two choices to browse.
  11. Improve the clarity of your website to make it more readable with high contrast text on the white background.
  12. Keep privacy policy of your company short and straightforward. If it is excessively extensive, it might expand uneasiness amid your potential customers.
  13. Get your customers interested so that they purchase your products sincerely and defend the purchase coherently.

These are some of the beneficial tips that everyone should adapt to raise the conversion percentage of their website or blogs. As per the experts of SEO Company Singapore, one technique does not decide your success, so keep experimenting with your constant conversion practices in this technology driven era.

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Top 3 ways to stay on peak of digital marketing trends


SEO has become very much applicable and important to build your online presence in present day business environment.  Have you ever thought about using SEO services for your business? If not, then I suggest you to start using it for your website as there are multiple benefits which can be derived from them. If you want to achieve your business goal in an effective manner then hire best SEO Company in Singapore, they have high level of expertise in web promotion strategies which can help you to enhance your online presence.


If you want to stay state-of-the-art with the latest and innovative digital marketing trends, you’ll need to do a little work. It doesn’t have to take all day though and you can easily rationalize the process so you’re on peak of the trends without devoting days to research process.

Here are 3 ways you can be in the know about digital marketing:

  1. Choose the Best Tools

Both RSS and social media are best for content discovery. On the other hand, social media can be compared to going for a drive and noticing new places along the way. RSS is like entering your destination into Google Maps and driving directly to those places.

There are a number of RSS feed readers available, including:

  • Feedly
  • AOL Reader
  • NewsBlur
  • The Old Reader
  • NetVibes
  • Pulse
  • Flipboard
  • Zite

Of course, Social Media is an excellent way to learn more about the latest trends.

  1. Make Your Groups

Dividing blogs and users into precise groups is important if you’re hoping to keep up with trends. Many of us are distress from information overload, which is essential to break down data into smaller chunks.

The idea of the Minimal Effective Dose is so famous. By separating your blogs, news sources and social media users into groups, you can quickly check in each day. You’ll notice when new trends happen because multiple blogs will be covering those same trends.

  1. Network

Your peers will be an outstanding source of information about digital marketing trends. You’ll also discover that networking will allow you to meet others who are advanced with top trends in the industry. Connect with users on social media, especially Twitter and LinkedIn. Visit trade shows and exhibitions to gain more knowledge about the industry and meet other digital marketers.

If you want to achieve best business result and hold a top ranking position then you need to focus on these important ways. These three ways help you to stay on top in digital marketing trends.

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The Four Mainstay of the Future of SEO


Today’s online businesses need SEO features to gain the attention of more targeted audience. If you want to survive your business effectively and achieve good reputation in te market then you need to hire best SEO Services in Singapore. They help to make your company more visible to a wide array of customers. These SEO services are measuring to work in such a manner they become valuable from both search engine point of view as well as user friendly.

An enormous part of present-day SEO performs is brand building and influencing search queries themselves, as divergent to starting with a truckload of keywords and creating content about them. Here, four mainstay of SEO service is described. Let’s see what these mainstays are:


  1. RankBrain

RankBrain is an extremely important ranking aspect in the Google algorithm. It does not work on your content quality, backlink profile and click-through rate but it only helps to make the algorithm interpret queries better and match them with relevant page content.

RankBrain is an artificial intelligence system and it is capable for recognizing and learning new patters and then revising SERPs based on its new knowledge. It is one of the “hundreds” of signals that go into an algorithm that decides what results show on a Google search page and where they are ranked.

  1. Accelerated Mobile Pages

It is an open source and its aim to make the web better for all. It is a very accessible framework for creating fast-loading mobile web pages. The open-source initiative is considered to enable publishers to easily improve speed for their mobile readership without forfeiting any ad revenue that they may rely upon.

  1. The Knowledge Graph & rich answers

Google knowledge graph is the best mainstay that used to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible. It is the perfect pillar that used by Google to improve its search engine’s results with semantic-search information assembled from a wide variety of sources.

  1. Real-time, integrated penalty filters

It is one of the best mainstays of SEO services. The real-time feature involves that effect of the Penguin algorithmic filter. This means that Google is continuously looking at the links to and from a website, and if it is estimated to be spammy, the Penguin filter will trigger immediately.

It is clear that Google will focus on machine learning, understanding of semantics, connection, patterns and user experience in the future. SEO service at the moment is very closely tied to content marketing. While Google can interpret content and derives its relevance to search queries with a very high degree of success.

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Get Effective Email Written for any Business

Getting positive response for any business is the prime objective. Behind every sales email is it prospecting email, follow-up email or break up concern remain the same for any one. A written sale is different from the verbal pitch-in where you have the benefits of your tonality, facial expression and moderate appearance. Whereas when talking of sales mailers who have only words which needs to be professionally strong yet personal that increase the sale.

To any mails there are three parts:

The Opening: The important part of mail. It includes subject line of mail and first introductory words that set tonality of mailer. Words used must have the power of caters hence the user or reader need to open the email.

The Value Preposition: The body part explaining the unique selling proposition of your products/services. Representing your identity in sector you are operating which is giving your brand the worth and describes why consumer is interested in your product. If the value prepositions are clear then email gets full read.

The Closing: This is where the seller needs to tell audience what to do next. It includes Call-to-action button along with redirecting links to your website or landing page. Keep it simple, so that good response is received.

How actually email is done:

Research- Research: Before sending a sales email ensures that you have full knowledge of the company. Get updated with latest news, reports and sales figure. Do a good research and dig well up with pertinent details. ORM SEO Services in Singapore recommend and follow up full SWAT analysis and basic information such as their demography, age and behavior.

Keep it Personal: Get you personalize sales email and ensure that its communication isn’t same as on website or landing page. Instead, focus on real needs of your customer. Personalization of sales email has much better chance of connecting with your desired audience.

Ask One Question: DO not make mistake which every other online business makes by writing long sales pitches which are less effective. Stop sharing small detail about your product or service. Keep it simple, yet brief and presentable. Key is keeping it short and strategic. A Good sales email should be in just one fold of your computer screen. Remember to ask question that cater the best to your audience needs. Make it mobile friendly.

Be Specific: Your email communication should be specific enough to get prospect on phone or in person meeting. Email should generate interest and deliver your value preposition. Communication should be summering your selling proposition, users experience and achievements.

Add links: Ensure your reader knows what to do next after reading your sales communication. Ask few questions about why you are sending your email. Reply to every formulated question step by step in your sales mailer. Add important links that redirects your user from email to respective landing page or website through specifically highlighted “Call-to-action” button. A strong call to action as it strengths the prospect of complete purchase cycle. Don’t forget to highlight CTA button.

Key Takeaways: SEO Company in Singapore focuses on the following points:

  1. Your initial step: Getting a response.
  2. Start email with describing about them not with yourself.
  3. Always mention the reason and value preposition.
  4. End with mail question about prospect goal.
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Importance of data-fueled in regard to ad Copy Matters

Optimize your search ads and understand the feature of data make decision with regard to advertise copy. As advertiser you cannot afford to ignore facts while making decision following are the points that will reveal you why it is important to pay attention to facts. One should not ignore this fact and majorly consider the points mention below:

  1. More of competition is in Online advertising

As AdWords and other PPC platform are auction in marketplaces or “pay to play” channels more players in market means more money needed to play. Every year Internet Advertising Bureau and PwC releases their “Internet Advertising Revenue Full Report” this compiles of revenue data from all companies that sell online advertising and SEO Company in Singapore keeps record as well.

The steady growing result as revealed in the report for the year 2005-2015 shows that more and more companies are entering in the online advertising arena- and therefore more investment is made in it. Greater completion means higher cost for advertisers. Have to pay more play makes the consequences of ignoring potential money-saving opportunities in data greater.

  1. Usable data amount is increasing

Early what business owner was only able to access was the number of people saw your ad, how often they are getting clicked and how much it cost you. Whereas in today trend full-funnel data on customer entire buying journey from first interaction to purchase can be listed out. Now it is much more than knowing which ad the user saw and whether or not they bought after clicking. Therefore some questions now have answers such as:

  1. What device was used?
  2. What is their location?
  3. What terms were used to trigger your ads?
  4. From which browser they were accessing the ad?
  5. What is their income level, age and gender?

And recently Google opened up tablet bid adjustments, Demographic data for Search campaigns and whole new standard format for text ads. The number of variable to look over and to test is rising. Ignoring the opportunity could be difference between failing and flourishing AdWords account.

  1. Good vs Bad ad copy doesn’t matter

At SEO agency in Singapore the duty is well understood on to understand well the target audience for client business. Messages resonate with them is what problem is actually encounter that services can solve.

Without considering the actual result against what is believed to be best message or most valuable solution to problem ORM SEO Singapore marketing knowledge base is built on assumptions. It is just important to update assumptions about target audience and how to reach them. Mentioning price in ad versus leaving it out the market knowledge tells more will buy the product.

  1. Different behavior is observed for different people

Different people will response in different manner to the offered product or services offered differently. The important feature to marketing theory which states to find the audience that is most likely to benefit from product or service then make it as simple as possible to find you and make purchase from you.

The idea always remains how you want to create and lead your campaigns as well as how you optimize your campaigns.

Exercises like figuring out mobile visitors are equal to desktop visitors is crucial to squeezing every penny out of monthly advertising budget. Don’t you think it is more important to learn marketing efforts such as women are four time more likely to buy product than man?

Hire the best company for your ad campaign that will help you create, run and analyze test in AdWords. Enjoy.

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Necessity to take help of Local SEO Agency for Business Growth

Living in an era where without proper SEO you stand nowhere. With no SEO performed your website is just lame page with images, and content. Juts to help developers SEO has been divided into various categories. Local SEO is the best to work on. Thousands of companies are procuring with best SEO Service in Singapore to help business. Maximum marketers and business have flourished already and you can be next in the queue.

Finest exposure of all time: Local Search has the capability to help you with local exposure. All nearby customers will now find information about your trade. Main aim of local search is to target the people of the said area where you have initialized your business. You cannot deny growing importance of SEO and how powerful the tool is.

It is more likely advertising your local classified in newspaper but spread in broader manner. Upload videos and images along with relevant business on working current site. Google will give you company proper ranking.

For best ranking make the way: Every business needs it ranking standing. Selective content will be able to make it at top and attract search engines. For newcomers it is a new task but when you have SEO Agency in Singapore then you won’t feel low working on search engine values.

SEO professional will work on keyword and content quality. The working is done in such manner Google and other search engines are bound to attract to websites. SEO services are likely to differ depending on the kind of website you have asked to work on. Local Search Engine Optimization is well acquainted with these points and will provide for business growth.

Strategy: Every trade has its own strategy set in market. Use wisely the main trick to follow. Local SEO firms are acquainted with positive plans and can help implement same for firm. With expertise assist it will no longer be difficult for you to work on best marketing session.

Before you actually start a bit more about know about how to buy leads and get started.

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